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Favorite Anime Openings (5/?) 

↳ Baccano! (2007) - Guns & Roses


yes but consider this for your otp:

  • being reunited after surviving the zombie apocalypse unknowing if the other was alive or dead AU
  • rescuing their partner from a recon mission gone wrong AU
  • drama school rivals being cast as romantic opposites because they have “crazy sexual tension” according to their director AU
  • "are we both robbing the same house oh fuck" AU
  • growing up together in a rough neighbourhood AU
  • mutual friends always dragged to the same inane barbecues AU
Yes coffee shop & spy AUs are totally cute but here are some more AUs I need


  • Accidentally fell asleep on each other on the train au
  • Always in front of me in line for the coffee shop with a ridiculous order that takes forever to make au
  • "I moved into the appartment next door and it’s 100% haunted please let me crash here for the night" au
  • "I may or may not have robbed a bank just now and please help me get away i’ll repay you in sexual favours and also cash" au
  • Neighbour who’s way too enthuisiastic about LOTR soundtracks au
  • That one asshole costumer that always comes in 5 minutes before the store is about to close au
  • "I don’t know you but you were at that party last night and long story short I now have your name tatooed on my ass" au
  • "Could you please move your bed a little further from the wall I’m trying to work" au
  • "My friends dared me to go on this rollercoaster but now that we’re at the top it looks way too scary and hellO hot person sitting next to me (careful i might puke)" au
  • "I was trying to take a sneeky picture of you because i told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward" au
  • "That is a hideous shirt you should totally just take it off" au
  • "That asshole stole my song at karaoke night" au
  • Met on the fireescape outside the appartment for smokes au
  • Ice hockey rival teams au
  • Hot lifeguard au
  • 911 operator au
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